random thoughts and design wall

This will be a quick post – summer always seems to be a busy time, doesn’t it?

I can never have just one project to work on at a time.  I have a tendency to get bored or frustrated with something, so I’ll put it down for a week or two and work on something else.  Here are a few of the projects currently residing on my design wall.


A dizzying black-and-white (and somewhat monotonous) quilt in progress.


economy block quilt made with scraps.  I DO have more blocks than this made up, I promise.  This one is very labor-intensive.


And another zig-zag quilt.  I seem to have a thing for them.  However, this one has even ME questioning my own sanity, once I got the pieces cut….


… and stashed in a shoebox.  They’re awfully small.  Even for ME, they’re small.


I’ll keep plugging away at them!  I DO have a plan.  I think it’s going to be awesome!


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