There hasn’t been a whole lot of sewing or quilting going on at my house lately.  But I still have Show & Tell!


Oh, yes they did.  They made a quilt-themed version of Monopoly.


Lucas, one of my husband’s business partners, saw this and thought of me.  He’s awesome.  It was Christmas in July!  Next time he comes into town, I’m making him a sandwich.  Not just any old sandwich, mind you – one of my awesome signature man-sandwiches, filled with pastrami and pepperoncinis and chipoltle mayo.  Men love pastrami and pepperoncinis and chipoltle mayo.  I’m pretty sure those sandwiches are one of the top 5 of reasons my husband married me…  🙂


Quilt money!


Remember how the original Monopoly has houses and hotels?  Not Quiltopoly.  Nope – these little guys are quilt STUDIOS, and the big ones are QUILT SHOPS.  Yes, in Quiltopoly you can fulfill your dream of owning your own quilt shop!


This is my favorite part of the game – the tokens!  There’s a pair of scissors, a sewing machine, a rotary cutter, a measuring tape, a bobbin, and seam ripper.  My husband was able to correctly identify every token.  He’s so awesome.

So, which token do YOU want?  The seam ripper is off limits, though – I’m reserving it for Megan.  She has a thing for seam rippers.


Here’s “Go” and some examples of the property prices and titles, complete with rent prices.  Aren’t the blocks pretty?  If I remember right, this is where Boardwalk and Park Place were originally located.  (They were the most expensive properties, right?)

I love how they printed blocks on the properties and matching title cards.  They just might inspire me to do some paper piecing with a stack of Kona cottons.   Is it just me, or does that Sapphire Palace block just scream Carol Doak?


Instead of “Go To Jail”, it’s “Rip Out Seam”.  Bwaa haaa haaa haaa!  Love it!


In place of the “Community Chest” and “Chance” cards, we have “Go Shopping” cards…


…and “Fabric Stash” cards.  I wonder how many husbands have actually used a rotary cutter to cut pizza?  I recently read about a woman who caught her husband just before he started to cut out their basement carpet with her rotary cutter.  I wonder… if she hadn’t caught him, do you think he would have put it back when he was done, and not said a word?  I can just imagine her trying to cut with it, muttering under her breath about how she JUST changed the dang blade.  Makes you wonder about the time you thought you had a bad batch of blades, doesn’t it?


Nope.  This has never happened in MY house.  Nuh-uh.  I don’t sneak.  I boldly walk right past my husband, who usually has his nose so deep in his laptop that he never even noticed I was gone.  It used to bother me when he didn’t notice a new dress I’d buy, until I realized I could use it to my advantage.


Sure does put a different slant on these dog days of summer, doesn’t it?  Now I can’t WAIT to hear “Moooooom, I’m boooored.”  I’ll cackle evilly and whip this game out so fast it’ll make their little heads spin like tops.  They’ll be begging for ME to leave THEM alone – they’ll WISH they were back in school!


2 thoughts on “Quiltopoly

    • I’m sorry, Magdalena, I received mine as a gift a couple of years ago. Apparently it’s out of stock at Joann’s and Amazon. I do remember seeing it at one of my local quilt shops, so I called the owner. She sold the one she had, and checked to see if she could get more from her supplier, but they no longer carry it. My only other thought would be to keep an eye out for it on eBay!

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