reward for missing quilts!

A quick post to ask everyone to keep their eyes open for these missing quilts:




For more information, including contacts and reward details, go here:  C&T Publishing, Missing Quilts

On a side note – may I just say how much I admire C&T Publishing for not only publicizing this catastrophe and asking for help finding the quilts, but also offering a reward for their return!   It’s mortifying for them (their words, not mine) but they want to do what’s right – get the quilts back to their owners, no matter what.  A few months ago, I was very disappointed to read about a beautiful quilt had been sent to a certain magazine for a photo shoot.  The quilt was lost in transit back to the maker.  The magazine had the PERFECT opportunity to mention at the end of the article that the quilt was missing, but it did not.  So I’d just like to thank C&T for doing the right thing, and I hope the quilts come home soon!


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