10 minute block additions and variations

There were a few comments on my earlier post asking for a link to the 10 minute block tutorial I had talked about.  This video here is probably the best, although she doesn’t show the actual sewing.  The first half of the video is instruction on how to make the block, the other half gives a few ideas for variations.  Let me know if something doesn’t make sense, I can help.  And can I just say, if I had known y’all like seeing my boo-boos more than my actual successes, we would have been BFFs a LONG time ago, because I make LOTS of mistakes!

I made an addition to my 10 minute block.  Once I got several blocks completed, I was ready to sew them together, but thought they needed an extra diamond “window”.

Here’s the original quilt design:


Here’s my adaptation:


I like the extra windows.  Speaking of mistakes, those two striped blocks at the top were NOT supposed to be side by side.  That was a mistake.  I left them in just for y’all.  You’re welcome.

Then I wondered about sizes.  What if, instead of a layer cake, I used charm squares instead?


Ha, I like that even more!  What a great way to use stash!  I’m thinking it might be awesome in reds and blues, with white center diamonds.  Or maybe alternating blue and green blocks.

A weird thing kept happening when I was working on the yellow quilt, though.  I kept getting a craving, and I could not figure out what it was.  Dontcha hate when that happens?  At first, I thought it was a chocolate craving, because of the chocolate-brown bunnies.


So I checked the kids’ rooms for leftover Easter chocolate bunnies and came up empty-handed.  Apparently they actually ATE their candy, the selfish little oinkers.  I prowled the kitchen for some chocolate – ANY chocolate – and managed to find a few loose chocolate chips hiding under the stove with a gaggle of dustbunnies.

What, you expect me to clean under the stove?  I’m a quilter, not a housewife!  Oh, wait.  I AM a housewife.  Whoops.

I’m not desperate enough – YET – to eat the dustbunny-covered chocolate, so I kept scrounging and finally found a few more errant chocolate chips.  They were scattered in the back of the cupboard I USED to store them in, back in the day when chocolate actually made it all the way into the house.  But those chocolate chips didn’t cut it.  They were pretty stale.  (I’m curious – what’s the most bizarre thing you’ve done/eaten to satisfy a chocolate craving?)  I waited impatiently until the kids were in bed, snuck down to the corner store and bought a Hershey bar.  If I had gone when they were conscious, they would have insisted I buy THEM Hershey bars, too, but I refuse to buy candy for kids who are too inconsiderate to leave a little leftover chocolate laying around for a hormonal middle-aged woman having a chocolate crisis.

Unfortunately, the Hershey bar didn’t cut it, either.  It needed something, some little tweak or twist.  I was puzzled – plain chocolate NOT working?  Maybe I’m sick.  Maybe it’s time for a medical checkup.  I continued working on the quilt while pondering my unknown medical condition and this craving conundrum, until I finally noticed that the yellow fabrics I had added from my stash were NOT the same yellow in the layer cake.  This disturbed me greatly, partially because I’m “detail oriented” (well, okay, anal retentive) but it also meant that my so-called “true-light” lamp wasn’t “true” and had failed me.


See?  The two fabrics on the left are from the layer cake, and the two fabrics on the right are from my stash.  The layer cake yellows are a nice creamy butter color.  The stash piece on the upper right leans more toward lemon, and the stash piece on the lower right has orange-y tendencies.  Hmm.  Butter, lemon, orange, and chocolate.  I’m sensing a theme here, how about you?  It’s Moda’s fault; they started it by calling them “Layer Cakes”.

Wait.  Wait just a cotton-pickin’ minute!  Orange?  As in ORANGE SHERBERT???  With CHOCOLATE CHUNKS???  Holy cow, I had scrounged through the entire kitchen, but forgot all about the freezer!


Whew. Craving mystery solved; I’m not sick.

By the way?  I decided to leave those off-yellow “mistake” blocks in the quilt, just for you, my wonderful readers.  You’re welcome.


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