Drunkard’s Path with a twist

I purchased these fabrics a year ago, when Cindi and I were in Paducah for the quilt show.  We went to Hancocks (also known as Heaven) and I found two of them in the back room on clearance.


The other two fabrics caught my eye as I was making my way to the register.  It made me chuckle – different lines, different manufacturers, but they match perfectly!

I debated what to make with these fabrics for a long time, and finally decided I wanted to make another DP quilt.  It is SUCH a quick and easy quilt to make!

However, this quilt will have a twist.


I added a few Moda Bella solids.  LOVE these colors.  LOVE the fabrics.  I might have to think up a quilt to make out of nothing but Bella solids, but that’s another day.


Squares?  Check.  Circles?  Check.


Bias strips?  Check.

Time for some sewing!

You’ve been a busy girl! I just love these fabrics. I remember when you bought them. Sigh. What a great time we had in Paducah! Can’t wait to see the final result. I’m not much of a pink person, but I’m loving the bright, cheery look of these fabrics. I’m working on a Drunkard’s Path quilt too –  I’ll post mine soon!


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