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Today, I finished a project for my neighbor, Beverly.  A good friend, really.  Good neighbors are priceless, aren’t they?  Worth their weight in gold.


She called to ask me for some help on a quilt for her oldest granddaughter, Danielle, who plays fastpitch softball.  One of Danielle’s friends was the recipient of a beautiful t-shirt quilt, and Danielle wanted one too.  The friend’s t-shirt had some interesting design elements; striped sashing and 9-patches in the cornerstones, and Danielle wanted something similar.

So I whipped out my trusty EQ7.  I took pictures of the shirts, uploaded them into EQ, and started playing around with sashing.  Here is the design and colorway Danielle picked out:


I pieced the sashing and assembled the quilt for Beverly, who plans to tie it.  She really, really likes it and can’t wait to show it to Danielle.


7 thoughts on “a t-shirt quilt

  1. I am a first time quilter. My granddaughter gave me all of her t shirts from high school, travel, etc and wants me to make her a quilt. Your tutorial has been very helpful but I am still feeling overwhelmed. Can you tell me what you mean by a tying it? I do not want to attempt quilting it once I get it put together. Thank you for any information you can give me.

      • I didn’t see the one on tying. Is it on the same website? In your experience is tying on a T shirt quilt going to take away from it? I did view another site that said you could quilt each block separately by going along the seam line around each block. Starting from the center and working out wards going block by block. There is so much information it gets to be confusing at times.

        • The link shows how to layer and tie the quilt. Scroll down a little and it will show you how to tie it. Many, many people tie their quilts, and they look great. You also have the option of sending it out to have a longarm quilter quilt it.

  2. Thank you for the information. I have started on my quilt. Have removed all the sleeves and necks. I’m going to work on fusing the backs of them today. Am going to experiment on one T that I’m not going to use in my quilt. It will be hopefully my practice, mistake piece! I may have more questions as I slowly progress on this. My goal is to give it to my granddaughter for Christmas this year! since I am newly retired I have lots of time with winter here.

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