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I have long wanted a quilt care label for my quilts. Most people who receive quilts don’t have a clue of how to take care of them. I don’t want to put the care instructions on the label – the label should contain information that makes the new owner smile. Plus, I wanted to include our blog address so a future customer could contact me if they were interested in a new quilt. I don’t like putting my e-mail address on labels – e-mail addresses change (think SPAM, dangit!) and anyone can contact me through the blog.
An extensive search on the internet began for the perfect label. It had to be small and inconspicuous, but contain all the pertinent information. It had to be reversible – my name and blog on one side, care info on the other. Everything I found was either on twill tape or the edges weren’t finished to my satisfaction. I don’t like fraying!!
It wasn’t until I was putting on a shirt one day that I happened to look at the label on the neckline. Ye-gads, there it was! I took that label apart right there and then. A quilt care label was born.

These instructions assume you know how to use printable fabric or Bubble Jet Set. For those using (or wanting to try!) Bubble Jet Set, there are great instructions on this website:

1. Create the labels


You can create your labels in Microsoft Word, Works or your favorite publishing program. Each of my labels is 4¼ x 1½ ”, with a finished size of approximately 2 x ¾”. I was able to fit 14 labels on a page. Use text boxes for your wording so you can rotate them to the correct direction. You can see my mock-up in the picture. Feel free to use it to help you create yours. Be sure to center the words on the label.

Tip: I suggest you print them out on paper first. Follow the steps below, folding instead of sewing, to make sure your words are small enough and won’t wrap around to the back of the label. Better to do this on paper than waste a sheet of labels printed on fabric!

2. Print the labels


There are a couple of ways to print your labels. I use Bubble Jet Set and create my own printable muslin fabric, but pre-treated sheets are also available from several sources such as June Taylor, EQ and Printed Treasures. These are available on the internet or in local craft and fabric stores. If you use Bubble Jet Set, be sure to use the Bubble Jet Set Rinse to set the ink.

3. Prepare the labels for sewing


Cut the labels apart. You want to make sure you leave AT LEAST ¼” below the wording on both long sides so you can sew the label into your quilt seam.

4. Sew the seams


Fold the label in half, right sides together. Sew the short side of the label with a ¼” seam. Press along the seamline to set the stitches. Finger-press the seam open. Turn the label right-side out.

5. Open label and center


Fold the label in half so the seam runs down the center in the back. Center the words on the front so they are evenly spaced on either side. Press label flat.
Tip: Don’t worry if the seam in the back isn’t exactly in the center. It won’t be seen anyway!

6. Fold the label in half


Matching the back seam, fold the label in half. Be sure the words on both sides are properly placed on each side. You don’t want letters hanging over the top folded edge of the label!

7. Press one last time….


Press the label flat and it’s ready to be inserted into your quilt!

8. Insert into quilt

Sew the label into the seam allowance. Place the label with name up and the care instruction down in your chosen spot, using a ¼” seam allowance.


Sew your binding over the label seam. I like to put my care label just above the quilt label. This makes the care label less conspicuous.

Why does this say “machine wash cool” and not “machine was cold”, you ask?? Because I believe the word cold should never be associated with a quilt. Quilts are for warmth! Why would I put something cold in it??


You can also download the PDF file for this tutorial here:
Quilt Label Tutorial

What a GREAT idea!!!  I’ve never done this for any of my finished quilts – but you can bet I’ll be doing it from now on!!


By CinYdi of Seams to be yo

u and me
©2011 seamstobeyouandme.com

Quilt Care Label Tutorial

One thought on “Quilt Care Label Tutorial

  1. Thank You, Thank YOU, THANK YOU!!! I have been looking/dreaming of the perfect quilt label for the past 6 months and kept thinking I would develop one ‘sometime’, but ‘sometime’ never came…

    I do alot of charitable projects and like you, not only do I want to include a care label which each quilt I ship off to ‘someone’, but since I keep a journal on my blog pertaining to each charitable quilt, thought the new owners might be interested in reading about their ‘new quilt’. Having my blog address included on each care label will do the trick.

    This label and your tutorial are Perfect! With your permission, I will be including a direct link to your blog tutorial under my ‘Favorite Tutorials’ list for ALL my visitors to enjoy 😉

    Quilt ON!

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