Quilt theft and identification

There was talk on one of the quilt forums we belong to of a woman who made a custom-designed quilt for someone, and that someone (also a quilter) sold the quilt on Etsy as her own design and construction. First off, shame on that “someone” for being nothing more than a low-life thief. The quiltmaker said she didn’t put a label on it, so she has no way to prove she designed or made it. So sad.

I have recently started sewing my labels onto the quilt backing before I quilt, therefore sewing the label right into the quilting. It’s impossible to take that label off unless you pick out all the quilting. A thief would be hard pressed to duplicate the quilting to repair it, especially if it’s custom-quilted. I used to do this on quilts that had only very simple quilting, as I was afraid the quilting would take away from the label. But not anymore. Here’s one of the first ones I did a few years ago on my dad’s quilt.


I also write my name with a Micron or Sharpie permanent pen in the seam allowance along the bottom of the quilt, usually on the opposite end of the label. If the label is on the right, my name is on the left. It is covered by the seam binding. Nobody knows it’s there but me (and the owner if I wish to tell them), therefore allowing me to identify the quilt in the event a situation such as this should ever (heaven forbid!) come up.


It would be great to hear how others mark their quilts for identification. The more we knowledge we have of how to safeguard our quilts, the better off we are. It just makes me sick that someone would take complete credit for a quilt that they didn’t design or construct. Makes me want to slap that chick silly.

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