Red and White Quilt Show app finally working!

Earlier this week I posted about how I was struggling to get the  Red and White Quilts app to work on my iPod.  Here is what I learned – hopefully I can save someone the frustration I had!

1.  You have to have iOS update 4.0 or higher. This was what ended up being my problem.  The iTunes store says this app requires iOS 3.0 or higher, and I thought I was safe because I was running iOS 3.1.3.  However, the company that released the app says it needs 4.o or higher.  I upgraded yesterday to 4.2.1 and now the app works great.

2. You have to have an active internet connection. Because pictures are huge and gobble up lots of megabytes, it’s impossible to physically download them onto your device.  The app will stream the pictures to your device, like it streams live radio.  (Pandora, anyone?)

Once I got the app to work, I did struggle a bit to figure out how it worked.  Kim, who had left a comment on my earlier post, saved me more frustration.  She wrote “I’m able to open the pavilions, choose interior or exterior, choose a row of quilts, and see each quilt individually. Even enlarging each quilt.”  Thank you, Kim, for giving me those basic instructions.

I’m going to go have a cup of coffee now, see if I can kick-start my brain.  I hope these tips have been helpful to anyone as frustrated as I was yesterday!


p.s.  If you’re running Android, sorry, I can’t help you!

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