Fun with EQ7

Last night as I was perusing posts on QuilterBlogs, I came across a post that showed a picture of an absolutely beautiful quilt.  It was the cover of a book, but the picture was cropped in a way that excluded the name and author of the book. I did quite a bit of digging, but couldn’t find any further information.  So I opened up my trusty EQ7 and re-created it.

This is close to how the original quilt was laid out, except it didn’t have the inner diamond border.
wpid-s2b-white-star-2011-03-30-18-44.jpg It had a border of half-square triangles instead, but the layout of the HSTs at the corners was the subject of much debate and dissension amongst the male occupants of my house, so I changed the border to diamonds.  It was agreed that they were a better fit anyway, since the quilt essentially has a diamond theme going on.

wpid-s2b-blue-white-star-2011-03-30-18-44.jpgThen we started playing with color options, which is one of my favorite things about EQ.  This one with the blue background ended up being one of my favorites.

wpid-s2b-blue-brown-star-2011-03-30-18-44.jpgThis navy and tan one is nice, crisp and masculine.  Civil War reproduction fabrics would be great here!

Other color variations we played with ranged from a very pleasant dark teal with pale teal background, which my son said looked like ice;


to a very patriotic red, white, and blue (LOVE this one!);


to a blinding bright yellow and red, then a boring pink and green, and finally an absolutely horrid chartreuse and olive combination.  I’ll spare you the awfulness!

It was a gratifying experience, being able to reconstruct the quilt even though I didn’t have access to a pattern or close-up pictures, and ended up being a nice way to spend the evening – creating quilts without actually sewing!


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