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In my email this morning was a “Tip of the Week” from The Quilt Show, the online quilting show hosted by Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims.  TQS member Marlette mailed in an awesome tip –  a “Repair Pouch” for quilts!

The idea is to put leftover scraps and yardage in a fabric pouch, and sew the pouch on the back of the quilt.  That way if the quilt ever needs repairs, extra fabrics are easily available.  Is that not a super idea or what???  Click HERE to go to The Quilt Show’s blog for details.

In other news,  iPod and iPad apps were released today that showcase the gorgeous and drool-worthy Red And White Quilt Show currently going on at the American Folk Art Museum in New York City.   You can download the app and view the quilts FOR FREE!


I thought an app showcasing the quilts was a fabulous idea for those of us who can’t possibly get to NYC!  However, I’m unable to get the app to work.  It gets stuck in thinking mode.  Has anyone else downloaded the app, and were you able to get it to work?
wpid-large-sig-2011-03-29-19-09.pngI contacted the appmaker and he gave me these instructions to make the Red Quilt app work:

Open the Red Quilt app
Close the app
Go into any other app
Double-click the “Home” button
You’ll see the app in the bottom row of buttons
Click and hold the Red Quilt app until it wiggles
Click the minus (-) button. This will close the app, but not delete it
Click the home button twice. This will close the bottom row

Go back into the app and open it. It should work now.
It worked for me. Did it work for you??


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