Confirming my suspicions

Saturday I made my quarterly trip to Shipsewana, Indiana to do some fabric shopping. I picked up this jelly roll, “Remix” by Robert Kaufman:



Beautiful, isn’t it?

Well, Peggi informed me that it is made of strips from several different lines of their fabrics. They all go together so nicely!

This confirms (at least to me) that current fabric lines pretty much all look the same these days. No wonder I’m so bored with fabric shopping anymore. Older lines are pretty but getting dated, the newer lines all look the alike.

The difference between traditional and modern fabric is like black and white. At totally different ends of the spectrum. I long for a fabric in the middle. Maybe an updated traditional? Or modern traditional? Or a traditional modern? I want to to go the fabric store and see a new line that makes me say “That’s so different! I’ve got to have it!”. Fresh colors and fresh designs.

Well, until I find the book on “Fabric Designing for Dummies”, I’ll have to keep hoping a designer out there thinks of it!

I fell in love with that jelly roll and searched in vain for it online.  Every place I went that had it described it as a montage of previously released fabric lines.  Phooey!

I have a single word of advice for those of us who are waiting for new and different fabrics:  Spoonflower!


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