On the frame….

Yesterday the t-shirt top was approved and placed on the frame. YAY!

After 3 tries I finally got the side borders added. Good grief, I was having serious math problems with that dang border! I tend to make lap-sized quilts a little longer than normal. When I cuddle under a lap quilt, I want the quilt to fit under my feet too. Nothing worse than cold air blowing up under my quilt and making my feet cold! When the center blocks were done, it was long enough but needed something on the sides to balance it. Paula’s daughter wanted zebra-striped fabric as the backing. I wanted to find a way to add it to the front to tie it in, otherwise I was afraid it would look out of place.

I veered from the norm and just added a border to the sides. The first try was 3/4” too short. Adjusted the block size. Second try an inch too short! Aack!! Finally just added wider end blocks and squared it up. I probably should have made the zebra-stripe wider to make the border look more like a filmstrip than a piano-strip, but I just don’t have enough fabric left to do it. However, I like the finished look and (more importantly!) so does Paula.

I tried to create the border in EQ, but couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to make the border fit blocks that began and ended in the same color. I must have created 20 blocks that, no matter how I placed then, never came out even. I’ll have to play with that some more.

Anyway, hopefully this will get quilted today (if I can get rid of this headache!) and binded next weekend.


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