Skin My Quilt

Got a new computer skin for my Mac today!!


This is the same picture used on our blog as my Avatar. It’s a quilt I made from a “Faces on Fabric” class I took with Terri Stegmiller from Three Creative Studios.

I purchased it through a company called “Skinit”. You download your picture, position it where you want it to set on your computer, and DING! you’re done. They even laser-cut the apple for you. It’s made of thin, yet incredibly sturdy 3M film and was very easy to apply. They said it was also leaves no residue when easily removed. It’s a tad dark, but that’s okay. It looks great!

I use a Bamboo pen to help keep carpal tunnel at bay. I stored it on top of the computer when it wasn’t in use.


It’s amazing how easily the Mac cover scratches! Here’s what my computer used to look like:


It’s so pretty now – and I don’t have to worry about scratches anymore. Plus, I don’t think anyone is going to pick my computer first in a stealing contest. There’s not a guy I know who would want to be seen carrying this around LOL!!

Go ahead – make one for your computer (or phone!). It really personalizes it!

WOW – that is SO COOL!!!!!  Okay, now I have to go through and see what quilts or pictures would look good on MINE, because I HAVE to have one!


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