An uncooperative mind

I decided to change the t-shirt quilt a bit. The way I had it laid out it would be about 64×64 – wider than I really wanted, and not quite as long as I wanted. I prefer lap quilts – they get used much more often, especially with teens. I worked up the quilt in EQ7, and with blocks laid out in rows 3×5, it would be about 47×79. I’ve got one exactly this size that I use all the time. Perfect for me to snuggle up on the couch with plenty of length to put the covers under my feet and go clear up to my chin. Well, with the blocks it looks a little on the thin side, so I thought I’d do a piano border on each side with the zebra-striped fabric she wants for the backing. This would tie the backing in with the front of the quilt, and give it a little added width. I thought 6″ on each side would be perfect. Here’s what it will look like:


This took me most of the morning to work out, playing with various blocks to see what would look best. Can’t help it, I’m a type-A when I do a quilt!

I don’t have much zebra-striped fabric – I bought all they had. I need as much as possible for the backing, and will have to do some creative substituting for any shortage. I would cut strips 6.5”, sew them together in threes, then cut those into 2.5” block strips. What do I do?? Cut the strips 2.5”, sewed the strips then cut those into 2.5” block strips. Four inches short!! AARRGGGGHHHHHH!!!

Obviously my mind decided to take a vacation today.


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