Frozen by applique

Do you find yourself “frozen” by a certain technique or maybe even an entire project? This Pom Pom quilt has me paralyzed.


I know I want to add applique, but I can’t decide on exactly what. Vines and leaves and flowers are appealing, but part of me thinks they’re overdone, and another part of me thinks there’s no way I can do applique well. Which brings me to another question: Why do we do that to ourselves? I know I’m not the only woman who tells herself something she does won’t be good enough before she’s even done it. And yet we try to teach our children that nothing is impossible; that they can do anything they set their minds to. How and when does that disconnect happen?

So, instead of being creative and decisive, I’m avoiding THAT project and working on others.

I replaced 2 broken zippers in my teenage son’s sweatshirts. Isn’t this typical? I found some toasty, warm sweatshirts with a Sherpa-like lining, and purchased two for my teenager, two for my husband, one for my dad, and one for my FIL. The only zippers that broke were on the sweatshirts that belonged to my son. And, of course, he blames the manufacturer for such poor quality. Well, I ended up having a little fun with him. I bought two cute zipper pulls for him and told him the deal was that if I fixed the zippers, he had to use the cute, very-unteenager-like pulls. Here’s a picture of one of them:


The other zipper pull is a cute penguin with the word “Cool” underneath. I can’t show you a picture of it because, amazingly, he actually IS wearing it right now at school.

My other son, 10 years old, endeared himself to me yesterday by sitting at my workspace and doing his best to render it unrecognizable. I have two tables arranged in an L shape. One half has my sewing machine on it, the other half is basically my office, with my laptop, scanner, bills, expense reports, etc. He somehow managed to 1) scatter 20 or so applique pieces in a 10 foot radius; 2) spilled a cup of water on the table with the laptop and bills, of course, and DID NOT wipe it up (I guess I should be happy it was water and not something sugary and sticky); 3) messed with my adjustable-arm desk lamp to the point where it no longer holds it’s “head” up and I have to replace the stripped-out screws. All in the 15 minutes he was SUPPOSED to be doing homework.

I’ve decided the best way (ha!) to handle this is a little retail therapy (ha ha!). I’ve been drooling over smart phones. If you have one and would like to tell me what you love/hate most about it, I’m all ears. I’m headed to Costco for some comparison shopping – maybe on the way I’ll stumble across some flowering vines and be inspired!

Peggi, I don’t doubt you’ll find the perfect applique for this quilt. You run rings around me when it comes to applique, and you’ve got design sense like nobody I know. And those zipper pulls – hysterical!!


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