T-shirt quilt

Picked up the blue fabric I needed for the sashings this morning. I tend to do my sashing a bit differently. I don’t like applying long strips of sashing – I never can get the blocks to line up straight! So I take the easy way out. I apply sashing strips along one side of all the blocks, then apply sashing strips to the bottom of all the blocks.


This way, I can can sew them together as full-sized blocks. I can avoid attaching that long strip of sashing to the rows of blocks. Call me lazy if you’d like, but frankly I don’t want to spend my time ripping out entire rows of sashing because the blocks didn’t line up. Been there, done that, and it’s not fun.


Once I get the blocks laid out in an eye-pleasing design I’ll add sashing strips to each of the blocks along the top row and the left side. This is not the final layout for this quilt. I leave the layouts to my DH, who has a thing for symmetry.

Often I will be asked to use a sashing color to match a particular t-shirt color, as is the blue Kentucky Wildcats block above. This can result in a block that looks huge with sashing the same color. If you notice, I’ve added a grey edge all the way around the block. I used a 1” strip of fabric, folded in half and pressed. This results in a 1/4” edging once the sashing is added over it. You can see the edging on the top and left side, and sashed on the right and bottom. This give the block and the eye a “break” between the blues.


Hopefully I’ll get the remaining sashing attached and the blocks sewn together on Saturday. Still have to find some zebra-striped fabric for the backing!
Looking good!  You’re getting to be quite the expert at those T-shirt quilts!


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