Kitchen Window quilt top done!

Well, I should’a just sat in my chair today. I had one of those days where I did more eye-rolling at myself than actual sewing. I figured since I couldn’t work on the T-shirt quilt until I could get the sashing fabric, I’d finish up the Kitchen Windows quilt.

I had cut out the border pieces when I cut out the block pieces, so they were already sewn together to length. Measured out the side length I needed – 64.5”. Wrote it down on a piece of paper. Picked up my rotary cutter, double checked my number – 64.5 – and promptly cut both side pieces 46.5”. Crap. Obviously I need to pay more attention. At that length it was too short for the top edge either. Didn’t want to sew another length to this. Cut 4 more strips and joined them. Double checked my numbers again. Picked up the rotary cutter and cut those two pieces 64”.


Put the cutter down and walked away. Went and had lunch. Came back, recut the pieces for a THIRD time and finally got the top finished.


I’m happy with it. Once again, next time I make one of these I’ll use non-directional prints, but it was a good pattern. Went together incredibly quickly, and I’ll definitely be using it again!


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