AQS Show coming to Grand Rapids, MI in 2012!!!

I am SOOOO excited! Grand Rapids is only an hour from my house!!!!! I’ve been to two Paducah shows (the grandmommy of them all) and I can’t believe it’s coming here. Send me the brochure, AQS – I’ll be the first to sign up. The show will also be here in 2013. Sigh. I’m in hog heaven right now. Doing the happy dance at 5 am!!


You can read more about it here:

Congratulations West Michigan Quilter’s Guild for snagging the big one. Thank you!

Peggi, you ARE coming over for the show, right?????? Free room and board!! The Padcuah show we went to together was one of the best times ever. C’mon! You’ve GOTTA be there!!!


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