Kitchen Windows Quilt update

Had a free day yesterday due to the ice storm. What better way to spend this extra time than down in the sewing room?!?!? Finished up all the blocks.

wpid-Kitchen-Sink-Blocks.JPG-2011-02-22-05-13.jpgThis pattern is definitely best with non-directional prints, as you can see. But I don’t care, I’m lovin’ it!  I used 6 different FQ’s I had on hand since there was no going out in the storm. It took me longer to cut the pieces than sewing it together. Once I got myself into a rhythm it only took around 15-20 minutes per block to sew them together.  A great quick quilt. This may be one I’ll give a niece (I’ve got LOTS of them!)

The rest of the sewing will have to wait until the weekend – and after cleaning up the broken branches from the ice storm. Thankfully we don’t have too many trees down. It looks a LOT worse where I work. Power is out everywhere and tree limbs are scattered willy-nilly. Thankfully we have a whole-house generator due to power problems we’ve had in the past. One only has to be without power for 5 days to justify the cost. One of my co-workers will be without power until at least Thursday. She took our advice over the summer and had a generator installed. They’re the only house in the neighborhood with full power right now. I’m sure her neighbors will be visiting!

Wow!  Despite the fact that it’s totally not my style,  I like that quilt!  I bet it felt great to get back into “the quilt of things”, didn’t it?  I’m glad you got snowed in – you needed a day all to yourself!


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