Paducah Pineapple

Yay!  It’s finished!  My “souvenir” quilt from my trip to Paducah is finally complete!  (Well, at least the top is pieced… quilting it will be another story!)


I bought the kit for this quilt while in Paducah for the quilt show last April.  The paper-pieced pattern is from Laundry Basket Quilts and they’re calling it Hawaiian Delight.  The fabrics were waaaaay out of my comfort range and I’m REALLY glad I chose them!  I can only describe them as drab Civil War repros, and using them was quite a learning experience for me.


I learned that cutting fabrics into very small pieces really cuts back on the ugly factor.  The pieces in this quilt are 1/2 inch wide.  There are 53 in each block, which adds up to 3392 pieces in this quilt.  Not my record, but certainly nothing to sneeze at.  (Is anybody curious to see the quilt that set my personal record for the most patches?  heh heh heh)

I’ll be showing it off at my quilt meeting tomorrow, where I know at least 2 of my quilting friends will drool all over it, and I’m pondering having it professionally quilted so I can enter it in some shows, just for fun.

Oh wow, holy cow!!! It is amazing, Peggi. Absolutely beautiful. I remember when you bought those fabrics. We were sitting in our hotel room petting all of our fabric purchases from the show that day and you kept looking at the fabrics, saying “What in the world have I done?? These are some of the ugliest fabrics!”. We even made martini’s and sat and talked about it )you thought it was going to be such a disaster) for a good long time. And now, look at it. Gorgeous. Even I’m drooling, and you know this is not my type of quilt! You’ve been working so hard on it, and it’s a pat on the back well deserved. You BETTER enter it in some shows!!wpid-Cindi-Signature-small-2011-02-11-12-12.png

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