An EQ dilemma

I have a question for fellow EQ-ers.  When you figure out your yardage requirements, how far off does EQ turn out to be?

I drew up a Carpenter’s Wheel in EQ7 simply so I could estimate yardage.


(Ignore the applique – I’m still working on it.)

The finished quilt measures 60 x60, the blocks are 6 x 6.  EQ says I need 2 1/4 yards of the dark green, and 5/8 of the light green.  I was unhappy with this, because I only have 2 yards of the dark green fabric, and it’s out of print!  The more I looked at it, the more I thought that can’t be right.  I’ve heard other people say that EQ is generous in the yardage requirements, so I drew it out on paper.  According to MY math, I need just under 2 yards (67 inches, to be exact) of the dark green, and 1/4 of the light green.

So, what are your experiences with EQ yardage requirements?  Should I trust EQ, or my own math?  I’m terrified to cut into my gorgeous but limited fabric!

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