There’s no rehab for stupidity

Wade gave me a Kindle for Christmas.  Immediately realizing that I needed to make a cover to keep it clean and unscathed,  I went a-hunting and found the perfect fabrics – for the outside, a totally cool Moda vinyl that looks like embossed red leather, and a gorgeous print from Fine Lines Fabric for the lining.


My cover is so fun and awesome!  I’ve just been making it up on the fly – I’m not using a pattern.  It has a small pocket on the inside; a larger, zippered pocket on the outside; and a shoulder strap.  It folds like a book, and has another zipper going around the three outer edges to close it.  It has a thick Pellon interfacing under the vinyl for protection, and the lining is quilted.

I’ve been working on it all week long.

I chortled triumphantly as I did the final top-stitching around the zipper, congratulating myself on a difficult job well done, and, quite honestly, feeling a little smug.  It looks beautiful and stylish, and is very functional – MUCH better than those ugly Kindle covers online.  I couldn’t wait to show it off!

Then I realized there was a small problem.  Well, okay, a large problem.

I sewed the zipper on the INSIDE.

This is one of the reasons why I don’t sew clothes anymore – I was constantly sewing the zippers in backwards! The fabrics you used are great – I’ve never seen Moda vinyls before and I love the Fine Lines fabric. It certainly you! I can’t wait to see the finished product.


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