For 2011….


I’m rolling in this 2011 bolt of fabric with a new attitude towards quilting. My resolutions? None. I never keep them. I have a goal though. I’m only going to think about one quilt at a time. There are at least 10 quilts I want to make for my family, and I tend to think of all of them at once. Consequently, it becomes overwhelming – 10 quilts to make? What colors? What patterns? How will I quilt them?

Instead, I’ll think of one quilt. Think about the person I’m making it for. Is Sadie a bright or pastel? Contemporary or traditional? Funny fabric or muted tones? I don’t want to make quilts just for the sake of making someone a quilt. I want to make a quilt that someone will look at and say “Whoa, that is SO Sadie!”

So, now I’m off to look for a quilt for Sadie, who is bright, races motocross, and is not traditional at all!!


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