Sackboy love

My ten year old son, Preston, loves a PlayStation game called Little Big Planet, which is an awesome game.  You play the game with an avatar: the Sackboy.


original sackboy

Sackboy is highly customizable – for instance, you can dress him up in various costumes, give him facial hair, change his fabric (skin) and even turn him into a sackgirl.  As you progress through the game, leaping over obstacles, dodging dangers, and solving puzzles, you win more costumes to dress your sackperson in, plus stickers and objects you can use to decorate your sackperson’s environment, and new tools to create with.  When you finish the “story” mode, you can enter the “create” mode, where you get to create environments and games of your own to play and even publish for others to play. It’s an awesome game.

As I said, Preston loves Little Big Planet.  He’s absolutely nuts over it.  For his tenth birthday, my husband took Preston and his best pal to a local science museum, which has a real submarine submerged halfway in the river.  The boys were able to explore the submarine, and spent the rest of the weekend creating a very detailed submarine environment for their Sackboys in Little Big Planet.  They had a blast.

Little Big Planet TWO was supposed to come out in November, but was delayed until January.  We still wanted to give our son the game for Christmas, so my husband printed out a LBP2 promo sheet, and I made a one-of-a-kind sackboy to go with the promo sheet.  I think he’s adorable!


Preston's sackboy

I used a Benartex flannel print called Snow Show.  It looks knit, but it’s cotton flannel.  The bottoms of his feet and inside of his mouth (which look like lips because I forgot to use a stiff interfacing) are wool felt.   The best part?  I made the zipper real!


It unzips to show Sackboy’s pink tummy with a little appliqued heart.   Everyone all together now – “Awwwww!”

I giggled the whole time I was making him.

I know that stuffed dolls aren’t really big in the ten-year-old boy crowd, but I told Preston that I made this Sackboy with a heart to represent how much I loved him.  Every time he looks at that little heart, he will know that I love him, and if I’m not there, he is to imagine me wrapping my arms around him and kissing him until his face falls off – even if he’s 70 years old.  I got about 3 days worth of snuggle-bunny boy love for that.  Which, I gotta tell you, made sewing those damn felt circles on the bottom of those tiny feet soooo worth it.


sackboy brothers


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