A Spoonflower Christmas

My favorite part of Christmas is giving. I love, love, love finding just the perfect gift for someone and watching their joy and astonishment when they open it. I think I did great this year, finding the perfect gift for Cindi. I got her some Spoonflower fabric and turned her into a fabric designer!

For those of you who have never heard of it, at Spoonflower.com you can custom-print your own fabric. Anything your little heart desires. Quilting cotton, voile, silk, cotton knit, twill, or canvas; in any color, pattern, and design you want. You can keep your design private, or you can release it so others can purchase it. If they do, YOU get part of the revenue from the sale of YOUR design! You can use the money to order more Spoonflower fabric, or have it credited to your Paypal account to use as you wish. You may also purchase other people’s designs that they’ve made public. Pretty awesome system, I think!

Cindi recently discovered Zentangles. It’s a form of doodling (although there are some who will bristle at that word), the basic idea being that the creator can create something interesting and beautiful using simple, repetitive single strokes of a pen.

Cindi scanned in some of her “tangles” and emailed them to me. Unbeknownst to her, I trimmed them in Photoshop, uploaded them to Spoonflower, and started playing around with the design. It was a blast! There are so many different colors and layout options!

Here is Cindi’s original image:

cindi crop 2

I used Spoonflower’s “mirror repeat” layout, and this was the preview (fat quarter size):

design 1 preview

I had so much fun! I played quite a bit with the designs, changing the colors and layouts. Here is the design in blue and purple.

color design

However, I decided to keep Cindi’s original black-and-white theme.

I purchased a yard, and here’s what it looked like! Super COOL! I only wished I had taken close-up pictures….

spoonflower 1

The grimacing, squirmy boy in the picture gives you an idea of scale. (“C’mon, Mom, take the picture already!”)

Here’s the second design I picked from Cindi’s collection:

cindi crop

Here’s the fabric preview, again with the mirror repeat layout, which seemed to work best with these tangled patterns:

design 2 preview

And here’s the printed yardage:

spoonflower 2

I couldn’t wait for Cindi’s reaction! She was completely blown away. At first, she thought I’d found fabric just like her drawings, then it dawned on her that these WERE her drawings! She was soooo excited! She told me she’s not going to cut them up and make quilts – she’s going to stretch them on canvas and hang them, lol. That’s okay – when she’s ready, she can upload more of her designs, print even more fabrics, and make quilts from whatever she wants!

peggi large sig

This was the absolute best quilty Christmas gift ever. EVER! It was quite funny when I opened them, actually. The fabrics were wrapped in two separate boxes. When I opened the first one, I sat there marveling at the fabric, saying to my DH “Where in the world did she find these? I’ve never seen Tangle-type fabrics before!”. I opened the second box and was just blown away – she found two patterns of this fabric?? Where? Who’s making it? Where did she buy it? I must have sat there for 5 minutes just looking at the fabrics, searching the selvedge for a name (because I would have surely gotten online within seconds to order more!) and tracing the patterns with my finger. And then…..(jaw dropping to the floor)…..I jumped up and ran to get my Tangle drawing book. Flipped through several pages of drawings and realized……..good gawd, those are MY patterns!!!! As a mirrored pattern they weren’t immediately recognizable. It’s amazing how different they look mirrored! I love the filigree-look of the top one – especially far away. The one that she colored looks really cool. Never would have though of coloring it. The color gives it so much dimension. And I love, love, love the open, airy look of the second. In fact, as a mirrored image the Tangle looks like a totally different design – amazing.

Right now I’m planning on stretching these as a whole piece onto canvas and hanging them on the wall. They’re a piece of art in themselves! Maybe I’ll order more and make a quilt of them, but for now I just want to marvel at what Peggi created for me. I’m a designer and didn’t even know it!! I have one of the bestest buddies ever. Thanks Peggi!!

Cindi Signature small

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