Some light housecleaning

Do you have dozens and dozens of quilt blogs bookmarked on your sidebar like me? I just counted mine. Seventy-two. AACK! I’ve spent the past few evenings clicking on every. single. one.  Just like anything else, times change. So do blogs. Quilters who were blogging about things I like have changed and grown. Gone off in a different direction – which is good for them. Not only that, but I’ve changed. Quilting that excited me in the past just doesn’t anymore.  I’ve changed and grown. Which is good for me! I’m no longer into difficult, 2000-piece quilts. The simpler things in life – and in quilting – make me happy now.

So, 45 blogs have been deleted from my bookmarks. Maybe in six months I’ll go back and re-evaluate those blogs too. Trust me, I’ll still look at those difficult, 2000-piece quilts and ooh and ahh over them when they show up on Quilter’s Blog or Peggi sends them to me (which, thankfully, she does a lot!).  But they’re not on the bucket list anymore.

So, antiquated quilt magazines are gone. Old blogs are gone. What’s next??

Not the stash, that’s for sure!!

My house is next, right, good buddy?  🙂   Help me get ready for the holidays?wpid-small-sig-2010-11-19-18-08.png

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