Mojo trying to rise!

Well, the mojo isn’t there, but I’ve been trying! I’ve cut up mom’s clothes and have a total mess in the sewing room right now. Problem is that I walk in, see her clothes and get terribly sad. Working in the sewing room just isn’t going to happen at the moment. I’ve got to give it some time. However, I can’t just do nothing, it’s just not in my nature.

While I was in Ohio I needed something to do while helping to take care of mom. I couldn’t sew – with mom’s condition deteriorating rapidly I didn’t want to worry about her stepping on a pin or sticking her with a needle (she’d had enough of that!). I was perusing online one day and found Zentangles. I thought they’d be great to help to my quilting – learning new designs, creating quilt patterns, etc. I printed out several of the patterns they had free in their newsletters, and pulled out my sketchbook. I was hooked. I’ve never been able to doodle, and actually had to learn how to do it. Am I ever glad I did! It was SOOOOOOO easy!

Now I can create pictures – that someday may be turned into quilts! Here’s a few that have been created:

This is the first one I ever drew. Not bad for a non-artist!

The Great Clam Disguise
The Great Clam Disguise

Sun and Moon
Sun and Moon

Striped Eggs
Striped Eggs

If you’re interested in seeing more, you can see them on my Flickr page under “Tangles”. There’s a great site,, that lists at least a hundred patterns and the links to them. You can also Google “Zentangles” to find thousands of Tangles to look at. There are some amazing ones out there.

I highly suggest giving it a go. All you need is a marker and a piece of paper. That’s it. It’s really pushed me artistically to see the way things are shaded, definition of shapes, and gives you a new way of looking at everyday things. Patterns are everywhere in your daily life.

I even created my Christmas card this year:

Christmas card

The saying will read:

This Holiday Season…

We remember and honor

those who are no longer with us,

and cherish those who are.

Let me know if you create any – I’d love to see them!!

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