Getting my Mojo back

I’m trying to find just the right pattern(s) to make memorial quilts for my three brothers and sisters from my mom’s clothes. She passed away a month ago and I’ve got five green trash bags of her clothes in my sewing room right now.  Peggi has been such the help, not only sending me TONS of quilts to look at for ideas, but also keeping my spirits up. Don’t know what I’d do without you, sweetie!

I’ve decided not to make just one pattern, but different ones for each sibling since I can’t seem put my finger on one design. I love this one from Elizabeth Hartman’s new book The Practical Guide to Patchwork:


Kitchen Sink from

It’s called “Kitchen Sink”. It would certainly showcase the clothes, wouldn’t it?

I’d also like to make quilts for mom’s two sisters. I just love this one by Gigi at Gigi’s Thimble, which is available at Moda Bakeshop. I’m thinking it would be perfect. Of course I’d have to make it lap-sized.


My only question – where do you find the giant rick-rack (1-1/2″ from tip-to-tip) for under $3/yard? I’m probably going to need 20-25 yards of it – yee-ouch!! On Peggi’s advice, I’m going to call Fabric Depot to see if they’ve got it. JoAnn Fabrics only has jumbo, not giant. Too bad – that 40%-off coupon would have sure come in handy!!

If anyone has any other patterns that would be appropriate for memorial quilts I’d love to see them. I’m definitely looking for patterns which will showcase the fabrics more than the pattern itself. In other words, large patches of fabrics.  My mom was a sewer, so I’m also thinking about making a quilt with spools on it.

Choosing patterns has been quite difficult, actually. I want to make them pretty, but with 4-6 quilts to make (and make fairly quickly!) I need simple patterns. You’d think these would be easy to find!!


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