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Do you save your quilt magazines? I have over 7 years worth. Or I guess I should say had. I was in my sewing room today and looked at my bookcase. Over 1/2 of it was filled with magazines!! Why in the world do I have over 200 quilting magazines? I have no clue. I diligently read them, then put them in the bookcase – neatly sorted by name and date – and never look at them again.

Well, today I did. I went through every single one of those magazines and tore out the patterns I wanted to keep. Every. Single. One.

You know how many I saved?  Exactly 18 patterns. Eighteen!!!! Just over an inch of paper.

I dumped the rest into the recycle bin. No, I’m not donating them to the local quilt guild (bad experience) and I’m not donating them anywhere else. For cryin’ out loud, most of the patterns are traditional patterns or so outdated I’d be embarrassed to give them to someone else.

I am making myself a promise to never save another quilt magazine. In fact, I doubt I will subscribe to any more quilting magazines. I seem to get all my patterns from the internet or books now. I can’t remember the last time I actually made a quilt I found in a magazine.

I’m thinking a congratulatory fabric shopping trip is in store for tackling that big job!!


4 thoughts on “Old Quilt Magazines

  1. You answered my long nagging question of what to do with my magazines.
    Mine go back so far, they are newsprint.
    I am now on a “tear/out” mission. I thank you.


  2. Hi I’m looking for quilt mag from April/May 2012 it has the labyrinth walk quilt in it, all o need is the free pattern. I had it but had water damage, so it was lost do to mold. So if you know of anyone who has this I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thank You

    • Sue, my suggestion would be to check your local library for back issues. I know mine saves them for several years. I no longer get but one quilt magazine – they’ve all become too generic and have the same patterns in them. Good luck on your search!

  3. Thank you, I needed those words of wisdom in order to get through my packing while downsizing from a 2500 square-foot house to a 1500 square-foot condo. I’m excited to move but sometimes am uncertain why I kept what I did. I will begin going through my 50 quilting magazines and probably as you stated will not need but a few patterns from them. My task seems so much lighter now that I have read your site.
    Thank you so much,

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