Tulip Chain (maybe)

Looking for some help with this top.  I’ve tentatively named it “Tulip Chain”.  It’s actually a cross and crown block combined with an Irish chain, but they look more like tulips to me.


First of all, can I get a little love?  My design wall is in the hallway across from the bathroom, so by the time I finally get a top sewn together, everyone in my house has walked past it a thousand times and is sick of looking at it.  I’ll triumphantly flounce into the family room to show off my latest masterpiece, and I’m lucky if they even bother to look up.  “Yeah, nice, mom.  Isn’t that the same one that’s been on the wall for the last 2 months?”  Although I do have to admit my husband will take the time to admire it and pat me on the back.

He’s a good husband.


Here’s the part I want help with.  I’m not sure how to finish it.  It needs something around the edges,  those half cross-and-crown blocks look awkward.  Anyone have any suggestions?  I’m thinking maybe continue the chain section  and one last dark patch where the center of the cross and crown block should be, and then some borders?   Maybe I should just put it aside for a while, let it ferment in my brain.  Maybe Cindi will have an idea!

I will say one thing about this quilt – I think I spent more time pressing seams than I did actually sewing them.


And – it makes for a pretty screen door!

wpid-large-sig-2010-10-2-15-42.pngWow Peggi…..this is gorgeous!! I am definitely following Virginia & Angela’s  comments for extending into the border. I think that’s a great idea – and the first thing that came to my mind. However, if you extend them you’ll be completing the block again – minus start of the next flower. Will that make it too big? Otherwise, what about extending only the flower out into the border? Maybe appliqueing the other half onto the quilt? Or will that look silly. It’s so hard to figure out what to do with half-blocks, isn’t it?

It is definitely a beautiful quilt. I love the fabrics!

PS – Tell those boys to ooh and aah on command or they’re going to get mighty chilly this winter without quilts to keep them warm – LOL!!


3 thoughts on “Tulip Chain (maybe)

  1. Your idea of continuing one last column with the chain colors and the center patch is a good one. I would love to see that, especially with a solid color border to “stop” the pattern. You could get fancy with a second border that has single crowns running up the sides, but I am not sure it needs it. It is a pretty quilt and I hope it gets liberated from your UFO pile sometime soon! 🙂

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