It was a VERY expensive pen!

I gave my 9 year old son the “quilt marking” pen I reviewed last week (it WAS NOT a quilt marking pen, see this post if you missed it).  Since I’m not letting it touch any of my quilts I figured I might as well let him play with it.

It was kind of like giving him one of those huge cardboard boxes that dryers and freezers arrive in – he played with it for hours and hours.  Several days, really.  He drew and scribbled and wrote – all on one awesome piece of paper:


(I love the stick man in the very center with sweat dripping from his head.   That cracks me up.)

After each scribble, he would utilize my iron to make the writing vanish:


He had a blast.  He kept himself very busy, darting back and forth between the ironing board and the freezer.  Putting the paper in the freezer is how you make the writing appear again.

Unfortunately, all that ironing and drawing and ironing and freezing and ironing had a cost.  He wore out my iron.  It refused to turn on this morning.

Pens: $4.00 each

Iron: $50.00

Entertaining a little boy for hours without a video game – priceless.


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