Do I have to send this back?

I just received a DVD called Inspiring Ideas for Creating Classic Quilts from National Quilters Circle. I didn’t ask for it to be sent to me. Didn’t order it. Don’t even know who these guys are. But guess what – they want me to PAY for it! They want me to send them a check for $12.95. And then send me MORE DVD’s every other month to pay for. Or they want me to send it back. I’ve looked online and can’t find anything on “National Quilters Circle”. Zero. Zip. Nada.

My question. Since I didn’t order it, do I have to send it back? It’s not that I want it. I really don’t. The DVD offers absolutely nothing that interests me. But why should I spend my time and energy returning something I didn’t ask for, order, or want?? Frankly, I won’t ever order anything from them because of this. I don’t appreciate “cold mailings” where I’m the one who ends up losing something – my time and energy and maybe even money! Has anyone ever heard of this group before?? How many people out there are getting these and don’t realize they don’t have to pay for them?? (Ooh. That’s a double-negative, isn’t it?! – well, you know what I mean.)

How annoying!!!  It always amazes me when some marketing person comes up with an idea that ultimately annoys their target audience out of purchasing.  I think I got one of those a while back, too.  I gave it to my teenage son who used it as a Frisbee.


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