Groovin’ on a Sunday afternoon

At least I was trying to get my groove on! I’ve got too many irons in the fire and decided to finish up some old projects before I start anew. First up – getting the Dresden Plate quilt on the frame.


I’ve only had the top done for about 4 months now! It’s about time to get it on the frame.

Peggi and I had talked about using sheets for backings a while back. I decided since I wanted a white backing on this I’d try a sheet this time. Peggi sent me a sweet sheet from Ikea a while back, but it’s just a bit too short so I loaded a 100% cotton sheet from Target on the frame. Went to put the batting on, and – dangnabbit – I bought a twin instead of a full! It’s a good 4 inches too short, and I don’t have any other white batting that I can supplement. Oh well. That’s a project for next weekend.

Instead I decided to sit and read some quilt books. So that’s my Sunday. Sitting on the porch (that’s in that picture up there) with a tall iced tea with a stack of quilt books. I can’t think of a better way to end the weekend!


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