Quilts and dust bunnies

I’m sitting here having a dinner of tomato soup, crackers and a raspberry martini wondering how in the world to get my friend and amazing massage therapist, Jefferson, to hang up the quilt I made him 2 years ago. I took a class with Marilyn Belford through Quilt University – Realistic Fabric Portraits. I chose Jefferson as my test subject. Here’s the quilt I made:


I loved the look, and actually talked him into letting me use the shirt he was wearing for the quilt too. It was accepted into the Shipshewana Quilt Festival and was shown there also. Jefferson says he really likes it and likes to show it to his friends. He says he’s always “slappin’ their hands away” from the mustache because it looks so real. In fact, NOBODY is allowed to touch it. “They’ll get oil from their hands on it!”.

What really drives me crazy is that he won’t hang the dang thing up!! It has literally been hidden underneath his bed for 2 years. He’s afraid it will get dirty. Darling, it’s a quilt! He says until he can put it in a full plexiglass frame with holes for ventilation so nobody can touch it – it’s only going to be visited by the dust bunnies under his bed.

This is the first time I’ve ever had this happen. I supposed I should be flattered, but heck –  I like it when people use stuff I’ve made! Have you had this happen before?  Do you make quilts that people like and are afraid to use? I have to wonder if it bothers me so much because it’s one of my very favorite quilts ever. I wouldn’t mind seeing it hanging in my house!


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