Doing the Happy Dance

After almost a full month of company at home and family issues that sent me down to Ohio, I went downstairs and kissed the floor of my sewing room. Well, not literally kissed, but so happy to see it again that I actually did a little jig when I walked in. It’s amazing how relaxing just walking into your sewing room can be.

I’ve been following and collecting Erin Russek’s Floribunda BOM over at One Piece At A Time. Erin does the most amazing applique I’ve ever seen. Absolutely perfect circles, no lumps or bumps on her petals or leaves, and smooth curves on her flowers. Sigh. I aspire to be like her.

Well, trust me, it’s gonna be awhile before I get to that point. This is the first block I put together. Actually, it’s the 7th block in the series, but it looked like the easy one at the time. Looks pretty decent from here, doesn’t it?!


I’m not going to show you the close up shots. You just keep right on thinking I’m doing pretty darn good for only my second applique attempt. I’m using some beautiful batiks I picked up at Quilt Trends, my favorite quilt store in Columbus. I admit that I cheated and am using Clover Quick Bias Tape for the stems. I did this block while in Ohio and didn’t have all of my quilting supplies or I would have made my own. Maybe. I’m not big on making bias anything.

I worked on this block today, Block #1 in the series, after the Happy Dance. It looks a bit better, although some of those circles STILL need help.


I’m really liking these colors. I wasn’t able to pre-wash the fat quarters before I started, so I’m going to be sweating bullets when I finally wash this thing. I want to hand-sew the applique, so I’m hoping to get several of these put together. I know in the next few months I’ll be making several trips to Ohio and having some blocks to hand-sew will keep me happy. A few weeks with nothing to sew makes for a grouchy Cindi.

Of course, I had a DUH moment after I finished this block when I realized Peggi has a video tutorial on how to prepare applique right here on our blog. I’m off to watch it again right now since I’ll be spending all day Sunday in my sewing room too. I’m sure her way will be much better than my sorry preparation!!

On a side note, I want to shout out a huge thank you to Peggi. We try to alternate posts to keep things interesting. Because I’ve been unable to post for the past few weeks she’s been a doll and pulling double duty. You’re the best. Aaaah, it’s great to be back again!


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