A fun and creative bunch of gals

I’m part of a group of wonderful quilters. We have get-togethers once a month where we chat, eat lunch, and share our latest projects. Today was the meeting for August, and it was wonderful! There was lots of gorgeous show-n-tell.

Yvonne's 1st quilt

Yvonne’s quilt. Bright, happy colors.

Yvonne's 2nd quilt

Another quilt by Yvonne. I love the prints! Very good use of stripes, too.

Linda's quilt

Linda’s quilt. I like the border fabric. Linda’s hiding behind the quilt.

MicheilAnn's quilt

Micheilann’s “Five Dollar Quilt” – I missed the details on this, but it seems there was a shop-hosted BOM of some kind where you only pay $5. According to Micheilann, it ended up being a LOT more than $5!

Lorraine's applique

Lorraine makes beautiful hand-applique quilts.

cross stitch ladies 1

Lorraine also made this quilt, which was incredible. Each one of those ladies blocks are cross stitched.

cross stitch ladies 2

I cannot imagine how much work this was – I tried cross stitch ONCE and gave it up after about half an hour.

cross stitch ladies 3

She collected the series but didn’t want to put them in frames, so she hung on to them until she found the perfect quilt pattern to put them into.

cross stitch ladies 4

They are just fabulous. (I was taking pictures at an angle, if you’re wondering why they look skewed.)

susan's tuffet 1

Susan made a tuffet. She was very pleased with it, and she should be! It was a hit.

Susan's tuffet

A tuffet-making class is a distinct possibility for our next retreat!

Susan's Dresden plate

Susan also brought her Dresden Plate she had started while we were at retreat in December. It matches her tuffet! She used a wool batt in this quilt and absolutely raved about it.

susan's quilt

Another quilt made by Susan. I believe this is a Judy Niemeyer design.

Susan's challenge quilt

I love this feathered star variation! Susan said she wanted to make an easier feathered star. I see one of these in my not-too-distant future!

Gail's challenge quilt

Here’s one of Gail’s quilts. Interesting sashing! This was a challenge quilt.

Gail's QOV

Another Gail quilt. She made this for Quilts of Valor.

Gail's shop hop quilt

Gail attended a shop hop with Susan (on the left) and NONE of the fabrics from any of the shops matched or had a common theme. So she over-dyed several of them to tone them down or put them in similar color families. I thought this was a brilliant solution!

Hope you enjoyed my little group’s show!

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