May the bird of paradise fly up your nose

This story has gone viral in the quilting community and blogosphere, so I apologize if you’re familiar with it.  But I think it warrants as much attention as we can all give it.

Daphne Greig is a fiber artist, quilter, teacher, designer, and author.  On her way from her home in Canada to Quilt Market in Minneapolis, she was waylaid by an AMERICAN (to my dismay) customs agent, who is TSTL (Too Stupid To Live).  Yes, I do mean that, and no, I’m not taking it back.  What he did warrants the harshness of my words.  Please go to her blog here for the whole story.  I feel powerless to do anything but spread her tale of woe.  Maybe there is someone out there who CAN do something about it.


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