I hope Lexington Quilter sees this!

Peggi noticed yesterday that one of our tutorials was listed on Lexington Quilter. Being raised in a home where we always thanked people for doing nice things, I wanted to thank Amy at Lexington Quilter for listing my Postage Stamp Block Tutorial under her “Favorite Instructional Sites”.  Unfortunately, I am unable to leave a comment on her blog. Self-hosted WordPress bloggers can’t leave comments on Blogger blogs unless the name/url selection is available in Blogger comment sections. Since our blog is self-hosted, I’m outta luck.

So Amy, I hope you see this – thanks so much for listing our tutorial on your blog! I was going to e-mail you, but didn’t find a contact section in your profile. It’s so much fun finding new quilting blogs. You’ve got a great site – I had a wonderful time looking at all your quilts.  I look forward to seeing future creations!

If anyone knows Amy, please let her know about this post so she knows how much I appreciate her link. And Blogger users – we hope you’ll make the name/url selection available in your comments – those of us with self-hosted blogs want to be able to comment on your sites too!


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