Crocheting a quilt… sort of

My in-laws came for a visit last week, so I didn’t get much quilting done.  My MIL, Ronnie, brought a project for me.


The bedspread was started years ago by Ronnie’s mother, who has since passed.  I think Ronnie said she was given all the parts and pieces in the 60’s and has held onto them ever since.  It’s older than me!


This is the “block”.  I’ve been quilting so long I don’t know what else to call it.  I think it’s really cool how when they’re all assembled, the dominant shape you see is NOT circular.


There were 160 loose blocks that still need to be assembled.  I’ll be busy with this for a while!

Peggi, I love the secondary pattern these created! I think I spent 5 minutes just trying to figure out how it was done. This is going to be beautiful when it’s finished.


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