More Paintbox Progress

Well finally – after 3 weeks – I’ve been able to get down to the sewing room! Talk about chomping at the bit. Back from vacation at the dude ranch in Colorado (sore tushy and all), company gone (until next week!) and my sewing room is now back in order after five 18-year-old’s used it for a dressing room for a week. Yikes!


I’ve got two days to play and then will probably not be back in the sewing room for several weeks. Worked on the Paintbox Quilt for a bit today. I got it all laid out and will probably send my DH down to adjust the blocks. He’s the symmetrical one in the family, and I’m getting annoyed that I can’t get colors equally distributed. How is it that I’ve got 7 different fabrics in 3 colorways of the Swanky fabric and still managed to get all the yellow in one place? I’ve played and played and here’s where I’m at now. Not a great picture – sorry!


Once again I have to voice my pleasure at using this tiny piece of equipment:


I bought it at the AQS show Peggi & I attended in April in Paducah. It’s called the Easy Cut Thread Cutter by Sew Unique. I clipped the 80 blocks in about 45 seconds!! You can also get them here:

$5 for this little gem is definitely worth the time saved!!


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