a quick question about triangles

I’m having fun working on an applique quilt that has a background of 4-patches set on point.  I’ve made all of the square blocks, now I just need to make the triangle-shaped pieces that go on the outer edges of the quilt.


The instructions say to cut 2 triangles and sew them onto a square to make a larger triangle shape for the edges.  I need 12 of these.  My question is, can’t I just make 6 extra blocks and cut them in half diagonally?  It seems to me it would be easier and faster, not to mention minimizing my interaction with bias-cut edges.  I feel like I’m missing something here….

Oooh, Peggi! I just love the colors you’re using. I’d have never thought to put brown with pink. Amazing results. Glad I could help with the math!


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