Fastest quilt in the west

I stumbled across this tutorial for a jelly roll quilt and decided to try it.  It looked quick and easy.  Lord only knows I need something quick and easy every once in a while, if only to make myself feel successful in at least one area of my life.  But enough about teenagers, let’s get to the good stuff!


I used one package of Hoffman’s Bali Pops, I think it’s called Kiwiberry.  My unquilted top measures 62 x 54.

Pros:  It’s GREAT if you need a quick gift.  The fabric is pre-cut, so all you have to do is sew your little heart out.   I think it took me about 2 hours to go from unwrapping the package to taking the picture.  (This makes it the perfect quilt for Megan to make – it’s fast and requires no rotary cutting!)

Cons: Although I do love the colors, I’m not real wild about how the pattern turns out.  It’s a little too stiff and utilitarian for me.   Also, on the first couple of turns, you gotta be careful to keep the strip from twisting.  It gets easier after the 3rd turn.

The Hubster did not like it at all.  I’m going to quilt it and see if that helps any.  Maybe some nice curves will soften all those hard edges….


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