Plodding Progress on the Paducah Pineapple

What can I say, I love alliteration.  I’m a word geek.

I do feel that I’m plodding slowly along on this quilt.  I’m up to 30 blocks!  Not quite halfway there.


Part of it is because there are 53 pieces of fabric for each block, and the blocks finish at 8 inches, so it’s growing at a glacial rate. It’s turning out beautifully, though!  I’m very happy with it.


I found myself looking around for something else to do just to take a break from sitting in one spot, so I started cutting fabric for another quilt.  I find cutting fabrics to be tedious, but alternating the cutting with the pineapple piecing works great.  This next quilt has been on my to-do list for a while, and once I re-organized my stash and made it much more visible and accessible, I discovered I already have the fabrics I wanted to use in this quilt.  Happy day!  I started with cutting the 6-inch brown background blocks.  The larger size is a nice contrast to the small strips of the pineapple.


The brown background blocks cut up fast, so then I started cutting the pinks.


I’ve been hoarding these pinks for quite some time.  I love pink.  Love love love it.  When Cindi and I met in Paducah, we both had a good chuckle – I had packed nothing but pink shirts and didn’t realize it until I opened my suitcase!

Next up are the buttery creams.  My favorite is the bottom fabric.  It reminds me of toasted marshmallows. Yum!


There will also be reds in this quilt, but I haven’t pulled all of them from my stash yet.  However, I couldn’t wait to put just one block together and see how it looks:


Isn’t it purty???


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