To all of our friends who use Blogger to blog….

Peggi & I love to blog-surf and e-mail each other with the great blogs we come across. We visit your blogs often and truly enjoy them! We’re also the type who love to comment on your posts. It’s as much fun for us to give you comments as it is to receive them on our blog.


So many Blogger users do not have the Name/URL profile activated in their comment section. We don’t have Google accounts, don’t use LiveJournal, AIM, Typepad or Open ID. We do use WordPress, but this profile only works for WordPress-hosted accounts and our account is self-hosted. Thus, we can’t comment on your blogs.


So this is just to let you know we DO see your blogs and we WANT to post comments or ask questions, but we’re unable to. Please, if you can, activate the Name/URL profile so we can join in the fun on your blog! We agree with your decision not to use the “anonymous” profile because of spammers. Just like you, we require at least a website or e-mail address to post a comment on our blog.  If for some reason you can’t activate the Name/URL profile, we certainly understand. We’ll have to be content only lurking and not participating.

But we’d much rather participate:-)



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