Is this ugly duckling becoming a swan?

When Cindi and I were in Paducah, I spotted a beautiful pineapple quilt hanging in a vendor’s booth.  It took my breath away, and Cindi, being the good and enabling friend every quilter should have, told me I HAD to buy the kit and pattern.  So I did.  I don’t normally buy the kits because they are usually so expensive, but I knew I would never be able to replicate the colors and fabrics on my own, from my own stash.  They are too far out of my fabric comfort zone.


I mean, come on.  These are the “dark” fabrics.  Are they ugly or what?  There is NO WAY I would have paid good money for these fabrics had I bought them individually.


That graphic one in the center is awful.  That muddy pink with dark green lines looks like barf to me.  And the yellowish-green one next to it?  What were these people thinking when they put those fabrics together in a quilt kit?


On the other hand, the “light” fabrics aren’t too bad.  I’m not particularly fond of the cross stitch-looking one on the right, but whatever.

I pressed them and cut them into strips, all the while thinking to myself that this quilt would turn out awful, and what was I thinking, spending such a large amount of money on these fabrics.  But, I forged ahead anyway. I’m not going to use these fabrics for anything else, I might as well make the darn quilt.


But then, something happened.  I stitched a block.


Then another. And another.  And some magic started happening!


I’m falling in love with it again!  Somehow all those ugly fabrics are made softer and mellower in this block.  I don’t understand it, but I guess it’s a good lesson in color and fabric theory. Now I can’t stop making the blocks.  People around here are just gonna have to eat PB&Js until I get this top together!

Oh my goodness – what a difference! I was starting to doubt your taste in color when you brought that fat quarter pack back to the hotel room while we were at the show. But jeez – those blocks are gorgeous! I can’t wait to see them all sewn together now.


2 thoughts on “Is this ugly duckling becoming a swan?

    • Hi Jan,
      I’m not sure you can purchase the exact same fabrics today. I purchased them as a kit from a vendor at the quilt show in Paducah three years ago, and who knows how long the fabrics had been around before they were put into the quilt.

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