Lesson learned

I’ve always loved trapunto. Whenever I’ve seen a quilt at a show that incorporates trapunto I always think “Shoot, I could do that. Wouldn’t be much harder. Just an additional step.”

I gave it a try last weekend. Took me all day Sunday to make this…


….and it’s not even sewn to that dark background fabric yet! This is from the lovely trapunto instruction e-book that Geta Grama offered. Wow. What a lot of snipping and fretting that I might cut through my fabric!!!

Lesson learned: Never critique any technique you haven’t tried.

I now have a new respect for anyone who does trapunto, and apologize for ever thinking you just zipped right through it when adding it to your quilt. Slap me silly if I ever talk the talk before walking the walk again!!


Well I have to admit, I’ve never had much desire to try trapunto.  Kudos to you, Cindi, for trying it out – it looks beautiful!


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