Fabric phobia…..

Can we talk?

Aren’t these lovely fabrics?

wpid-AQS-stuff-2010-05-8-08-09.jpg I bought them at the AQS show in Paducah a few weeks ago. Except for the sweet pastel dot FQ pack on the left that Peggi brought to the show for me.

Why is it I get all these beautiful fabrics but can’t bring myself to cut into them? I’ll find a pattern, pull out the fabrics, look at them and then promptly fold them back up and put them away. They’re like friends who move to another town. I’ll miss them too much. Or new acquaintances I’m afraid of offending by introducing them to the wrong crowd. What if I cut up this beautiful fabric only to discover it was all wrong for the pattern I’ve chosen? Horrors!! I find myself buying fabrics I don’t like to make quilts that don’t really reflect who I am because I don’t care about those fabrics. Why is that??

Let’s talk about these batiks…

wpid-batik21-2010-05-8-08-09.jpg …which I bought the last time I was in Paducah, thinking they were so bright and beautiful. I picked out 42 1-yard cuts at their big batik sale. 42!!! They would look just lovely in a quilt, wouldn’t they? In fact, there’s more than enough there for 3 or 4 or  10 quilts.  They’d be fun and happy. Nope. Still haven’t been able to bring myself to take a rotary cutter to them. I’m afraid they’d bleed. Oh, and did you notice I said the last time I was in Paducah? That was 3 years ago.

Or these black and white fat quarters I’ve been collecting for 4 years.

wpid-blackwhites-2010-05-8-08-09.jpg I want to make a circle quilt with them. Found the perfect pattern ages ago. I’ve always wanted a black & white quilt. I’ve pulled them out and pressed them three times now. Then folded them back up. What the heck is wrong with me??

I was so excited about Oh Fransson‘s Paintbox Quilt-Along a couple of months ago that I bought these three…

wpid-Jelly-rolls-2010-05-8-08-09.jpg …because I wasn’t sure what I’d need. I had ideas galore swimming in my head. I’ve had the directions for the Paintbox Quilt bookmarked ever since she first posted them. As you can plainly see I’ve not even started. I followed that quilt-along feverishly and drooled over the quilts that were posted and kicked myself because I couldn’t cut my fabrics.

Oh, and let’s not forget all of these I’ve collected…

wpid-other-fabrics-2010-05-8-08-09.jpg …and I still haven’t done anything with them. Beautiful hand-dyes, batiks and saturated brights. The reds & blues I’ve been collecting to make a fun Hawaiian-print quilt. Those pinks in the back? Another thought for the Paintbox Quilt-Along. And yes, that’s 3 more Kona Cotton jelly rolls! I’m surprised my fabrics haven’t staged a revolt. Escaped to your house where they’ll be put into delightful quilts.

Sigh. My sister would playfully call me a fabric whore if she actually read my blog (which she doesn’t – she doesn’t get the whole quilting thing). How do people do it?? Slice up such beautiful fabrics?? I really need to take the plunge – look that fabric right in the selvedge and start chopping!!

Hmmm…. I’ll just start by re-folding, rearranging and caressing…….


Ooooh drool….   Put me in your will, please, especially if you’re not going to use them!   It cracks me up how that fat quarter pack of pastels I gave you sticks out like a sore thumb amongst all those brights!  I think that most quilters are like you. You are not alone in your desire to pet the fabrics, although you are the only person I know of that actually buys fabric she DOESN’T like to make quilts with.  That’s too funny!

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  1. Too funny. Just came across your post as my friend and I were discussing cutting up the 4000 or so too special to use fabrics into strings for charity quilts, otherwise the fabric will be so old it will turn into dust soon. Great post!

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