Peggi’s Paducah Report

Is it too late to post about our trip to Paducah yet?  Is it old news?  We had some picture-loading issues with our web hosting service, but Peggi the Techno-Savvy Geek figured it out.

Well, okay, I called Customer Service and they fixed it for me.


Cindi and Peggi

Cindi and I finally meet!  We are SO alike and yet SO different….  I’m the Oscar to her Felix.  She’s modern, I’m traditional.  She’s reserved, and I’m …  well…  NOT.  Lol!


Here we are taking a class called Piece and Peel.  I learned a better way to paper piece that does NOT involve tearing paper off the backs of blocks, and you can reuse your paper piecing templates over and over!  The class was taught by….


Barb Vlack! I recognized her name – she answers a LOT of questions in the EQ forums.  I refused to tell her how many or which of my stupid EQ questions she’s personally answered.  I didn’t want to embarrass myself.  Check out her earrings – flying geese!  She drooled so much over one of the practice fabrics I brought from home that I gave it to her.  She liked it more than I did.   Now she’ll never forget me.  Ha.  I’ll have to go into the EQ forums incognito from now on!


This here is Marty.  He was a “Paducah Ambassador”.  He helped quilters find the right buses and directed them to various points of interest.  I saw his tie and immediately fell in love with it.  It looks like a quilt!  I started flirting with him in hopes I could sweet-talk him out of it, but unfortunately…


his gosh-darn wife saw me coming and headed me off at the pass!   Phooey!

We found lots of irresistable fabrics and patterns at Hancocks…



We brought home LOTS of LOOT!   These pictures were taken only halfway through the week, so you KNOW we added even more loot to the pile….


Cindi's loot


Peggi's loot

The souvenir t-shirt we both liked best says “I’m not buying fabric…. it’s a bailout for the textiles industry”  lol!

We went to the National Quilt Museum.  They were having a special display of miniature quilts.  They were absolutely amazing and exquisite.  George Siciliano had a booth set up in the foyer of the museum and he was giving demonstrations, showing how he makes his mini quilts.  Some of the quilt pieces are only 5 or 6 threads wide!   Please check out his website if you are not familiar with his work.  My favorite story he tells about one of his quilts was about a woman who offered him $10 for one of his quilts, also requesting he make 5 more – for placemats!

I wish I lived closer to the National Quilt Museum.  I’d visit it every month.

We checked out Caryl Bryer Fallert’s studio.  Holy cow.  A feast of color for the eyes!


Feathers in the Wind

This picture does not do this quilt justice.  The colors are absolutely amazing.

Lunacy on a Starry Night

I love all the blues, greens, purples….    Caryl contacted me to say this quilt was actually made by a former student of hers, Annette Hendricks, who has her own website here. I would love to be able to take a class or two from Caryl!

More eye candy.


Caryl has a fabulous website here.  There are oodles of pictures of her beautiful quilts.  She has fabrics and patterns for sale (Cindi and I spent quite a bit of time and money there!) and she has a huge section of FAQ’s, everything from what kind of thread she uses to how to display quilts.  I’ve often referred to her page on how to price your quilts, it’s the most comprehensive explanation of how to price quilts that I’ve ever seen.

All in all, it was a wonderful experience that I hope to repeat someday.  Kentucky is a beautiful state.


The flooding happening there now just breaks my heart.    We met so many wonderful, fun, nice people in Kentucky and Tennessee.  I really hope everyone – Marty’s wife included, she was actually very sweet – manages to survive this with nothing worse than some scary stories to tell the grandkids.

I’ve got to second every single thing Peggi said about the show! I went to Paducah a few years ago by myself, and this time it was so much more fun. What a difference when you have a friend to look at all the quilts with – bouncing ideas, seeing the differences in our styles and trying to guess what each other would like! I can’t think of a better roommate than Peggi. She likes to fall asleep with the TV on, and she doesn’t snore LOL! The class was lots of fun – and I will be using that paper-piecing technique from now on. So much simpler. I do have to say that Caryl Bryer Fallert’s studio was my absolute favorite. Oh, to have been able to buy one of every color fabric she had! I think I petted the fabrics for at least 30 minutes.

Peggi and I are already scheming to attend the Houston show together in a few years. We’re gonna save our pennies and use the air miles our husbands have racked up in their jobs for tickets, so fellas – start flying!!


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