We apologize – we’ve been trying to load pictures of our trip, but so far have not been successful.  Suffice it to say we’re having an absolute blast!  We’ve finally met, and we get along great!   We have ogled all the quilts in the show.  We have shopped all of the vendors – and I do mean ALL of the vendors. We have attended classes and learned new techniques.  We have been to the Civic Center to see quilts.  We have been to the Quilt Museum to see quilts.  We have been to the mall to see quilts.  (Yes, they have part of the quilt show IN the local mall, very conveniently and considerately located right next to Starbucks!)  We have had some absolutely fabulous meals and met some wonderful people.  I want to thank Cindi so much for sharing this trip with me, and for my absolutely wonderful, awesome husband for arranging things so I was able to go.  Love you, honey!

Cindi and I are on our way home this weekend, and we will both be posting our perspectives about the show.  Until then, please keep us in your prayers:  that we will travel safely to our respective homes, and that our husbands, once they see our Visa bills, will not divorce us.  🙂


p.s.  Yes, I will confess, I am the one who ate ALL of the cashews out of the can of mixed nuts Cindi brought.  Every single one.

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